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Just CrossStitch August 2019

Just CrossStitch August 2019

Relive your favorite memories of summer with eye-catching quilt-inspired designs, sunny scenes and patriotic patterns, all bursting with fresh colors! Whether you’re at the beach or in your favorite chair, these 26 patterns will keep you stitching all summer long.

  • Celebrate the Fourth of July with Cape Cod Fireworks. A colorful harbor scene captures the spirit of the holiday with fireworks blasting over sailboats and families enjoying the view. This American design features a variety of stitches and beaded accents.
  • Embark on a new stitching adventure with House for a Wife, a Huswif. Tour a stately Elizabethan home with a blooming trellis, fluffy sheep and a vibrant peacock in the first of a new three-part series. Each pattern features unique designs, specialty stitches and textures to make an elegant huswif.
  • Take a peek at the upcoming Christmas Ornaments issue. Get a jump-start on your holiday stitching with nine new, unique ornaments—a sampling of the exciting 70+ ornament collection we have planned for you.
    Plus, you won’t want to miss our “The Sampler Sleuth” feature! This month uncovers the striking statements immortalized in beautiful messages without ink, pen or quill that we can still read centuries later. Download (or subscribe!) today!

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