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Just CrossStitch Mar/Apr 2019

Just CrossStitch Mar/Apr 2019

Freshen your stitching basket with the joy of spring! This latest issue of Just CrossStitch is absolutely bursting with 20+ springtastic floral designs that are guaranteed to brighten your days with vibrant sunniness and warmth.

  • Stitch the spring sunshine into your home with every pull of your needle and floss. You'll love Elizabeth Spurlock's welcoming Folk Hello design, which features bright colors to create a heartfelt and bold statement.
  • The best things come in small packages. Showcase hues from every color of the rainbow as you stitch the delightfully diminutive Meadow Pincushions. This pair of pincushions use three strands of floss over one Aida square to provide a palette of rich, deep colors.
  • Celebrate Easter with elegant eggs and whimsical bunnies. The Ornate Easter Egg features stunning jewel tones that are reminiscent of a richly gem-encrusted Faberge egg, while Daisy, a charming yet playful Easter bunny, wishes you a hippity-hoppity Easter with kloster blocks, beads, herringbone stitches and eyelets.
Plus, you won't want to miss our "The Sampler Sleuth" feature! This month explores stitched folkart springtime motifs through the years. Download (or subscribe!) today!
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