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A Note From the Editor

Welcome to 2019! Can you believe it's a new year already and that we're almost finished with another decade of the 21st century?

The coming of a new year is always exciting to me. It's the start of something new, something fresh, and there is no end to the possibilities that await us all. After the holiday decor is all put away and my house is cleaned and organized, it's begging for new stitching decor, and I am excited to see what this year brings to my stitching bag.

This issue is sure to start our year off with a stitching bang. We're embarking on a yearlong stitching journey with Julia Lucas' Floral Band Sampler (page 5) which blends bands of specialty stitches with a colorful rainbow of variegated flosses. A Stitcher's Companion on page 20 also begins in this issue and will yield a treasured set of accessories for your stitching basket.

If you love flowers and yearn for spring's bright hues like I do, this issue is sure to fill your heart and project list with blooms of all colors and sizes. From the sunny Romantic Floral Table Mat on page 56 to the colorful Spring Flowers on page 47, flowers abound.

For those stitchers who want to increase their specialty stitches, this issue offers a multitude of opportunities to expand that repertoire. Spring in an English Garden on page 16 boasts a plethora of speciatly stitches, including cashmere and chain stitches, while Roses in Love on page 38 showcases two trios of bullion knot roses. Hardanger fans will be thrilled to see a fresh design from Roz Watnemo, Elegance in Hardanger on page 10, which can be customized to any size. Show your love for Valentine's Day with the Celtic Heart Sampler & Card on page 34, which is a fun take on blackwork, and the Hearts Sampler on page 26, which is worked in an array of Rhodes stitches.

I hope you enjoy combing through the pages of this issue and every issue of Just CrossStitch as much as our team enjoys putting them together. Thank your for embarking on the year 2019 with us. Start this year off right with needle and thread in hand, and fill your days with the creation of memories and keepsakes that will be cherished forever.

Until next issue, friends,

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Tanya Fox, editor

Tanya Fox has served as editor of various Annieís publications since 2006 and editorial director since 2016.

She said, "I have enjoyed stitching and creating art of all kinds since very early in life. My earliest creative memory is of sewing doll clothes with my mom and grandmother. I learned embroidery and cross-stitch from my great grandmother in my early teens starting with simple stamped designs and progressing to projects on stitched on Aida and linen. I truly love that whether Iím working with fabric and floss, yarn or paper, there's always something new to learn. Part of what makes stitching so enjoyable is sharing what I know and learning from others."

Tanya is a native of Indiana, and she and her husband, Jim, have six children.

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