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A Note From the Editor

Welcome to the summer 2024 issue of Just CrossStitch magazine! As temperatures soar, so does our excitement in presenting you with this all-new collection of fun, vibrant patterns. Alongside our usual features, we hope you will revel in the joy of summer stitching with this array of thoughtfully curated designs nestled within these unique chapters: Farm Fresh, Patriotic Pride, Summer Fun and Nature's Beauty. Whether you're an experienced stitcher or just beginning your cross-stitch journey, you'll find projects to suit your skill level and ignite your creativity.

Summertime holds a special place in my heart with its sun-drenched days and endless opportunities for outdoor adventures. A few years ago, my husband and I purchased kayaks, discovering a newfound appreciation for the beauty of the refreshing lakes found in Indiana's State Parks. These cool waters have become a cherished summer escape for us, providing a relaxing break from life's hectic pace.

Much like the calming rhythm of kayaking, the gentle and repetitive motion of needlework can also provide a tranquil experience. Take a journey to page 47, where Elisabeth Jenkins Baty explores mindfulness and various other benefits that are endowed when you engage in cross stitching. Did you realize that the hobby you adore might also help contribute to a more balanced and healthful lifestyle? We've scattered multiple designs throughout this edition that were crafted specifically to promote mindful stitching.

Take some time; linger through these 84 pages of cross-stitch happiness. Whether you appreciate the enjoyment of gardening, the spirit of patriotism, the excitement of summer activities, or the serene beauty of nature, the Just CrossStitch team hopes that this collection of patterns will help make the sunny days ahead even brighter! Wishing you a summer season filled with joy, relaxation and the fulfillment that comes from creating beautiful cross stitch!

Until next time,

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Barbie Laux, editor

Barbie Laux has served as editor of Just CrossStitch magazines since 2022.

She said, "I enjoy taking part in various creative outlets. Even as a child I gravitated towards artistic activities. Whether it's designing and stitching, home improvement projects or just about any DIY or crafting project in between, I'm up for the challenge. There's nothing more satisfying than learning something new and sharing the experience or knowledge with someone else. I think that is why my work with the Just CrossStitch team is so rewarding. I love to connect the readers with amazing designs that bring them joy and inspire them to create."

Barbie is a proud Indiana native, and she and her husband, Giles, have two daughters.