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A Note From the Editor

Spring is upon us! I just love this season! The grass is greening up after its winter hiatus, and formerly bare branches are covered with blooming buds. The rainbow of spring's colors is unending, just like the promises that come with spring's renewal every year. I watch the calendar with unyielding eagerness, excited to set my first plants in my front-yard flower beds.

Stitching is a phenomenal way to capture spring's glory, and this issue is full of projects that will bring spring indoors where you can enjoy it all year long. Flower-filled projects Celebrate Spring (page 34), Spring Wren Wreath (page 41) and Rose Garden (page 28) feature gardens full of blooms, while Lee Fisher's Dance in the Rain (page 25) focuses on a single blooming beauty. Fancy a spring pillow? Enter Blackwork Easter Eggs by Lois Winston for DMC Corp. on page 7.

You can celebrate Easter with several projects in this issue, including a quick-to-stitch Mini Bunnies design pair on page 16. Want something that's a more challenging undertaking? Spring Hare on page 14 will spend a bit more time in your stitching basket, while Easter Egg Hunt on page 11 will keep your needle busy until the last egg is dyed.

Sampler fans will be delighted with the reproduction of Susan Ameson's 1825 sampler on page 52. Complete with a soft color palette, four alphabets and a myriad of motifs, this sampler is a perfect stitch for spring. Sampler-inspired motifs and colors combine for Maegan Jennett's Bloom Where You Are Planted, which appears on page 31.

So, grab that needle and stitch up a few of these spring beauties while you watch a new season spring to life with exploding blooms and color. What better way to end a day of planting than with needle and thread?

Until next issue, friends,

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Tanya Fox, editor

Tanya Fox has served as editor of various Annieís publications since 2006 and editorial director since 2016.

She said, "I have enjoyed stitching and creating art of all kinds since very early in life. My earliest creative memory is of sewing doll clothes with my mom and grandmother. I learned embroidery and cross-stitch from my great grandmother in my early teens starting with simple stamped designs and progressing to projects on stitched on Aida and linen. I truly love that whether Iím working with fabric and floss, yarn or paper, there's always something new to learn. Part of what makes stitching so enjoyable is sharing what I know and learning from others."

Tanya is a native of Indiana, and she and her husband, Jim, have six children.

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