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Stitchy Tips for Smyrna Cross Stitches

  1. Make sure you have enough floss in your needle to work the entire section of Smyrna cross stitches. While it is fairly easy to change thread in an emergency for your Smyrna cross, the end result will be much smoother and cleaner if you use the same length of floss.

  2. Always pull each leg of your stitch gently and firmly to create a smooth stitch appearance.

  3. Make sure to pass your needle through the exact midpoint on the bottom, top, left and right of the base X. If you are off by even one linen thread, your stitch will look wonky.

  4. Try experimenting with a heavily variegated floss when making Smyrna stitches. The variations will amaze you and add a unique finish to your finished piece.

  5. In most cases, a Smyrna cross stitch can be worked instead of a simple cross stitch in any design, which will give the finished project more texture, dimension and uniqueness. Add as many (or as few) Smyrna cross stitches as you desire. A few places in which to try adding a Smyrna cross stitch include:

    Flower centers
    Clothing detail
    Small motifs in a larger design

  6. As I've said over and over again -- try to maintain the same tension with every Smyrna cross stitch you work in the project. Your tension will become easier and easier to master if you continue to practice.

  7. Never attempt your first crack at this stitch, or any other, without practicing on a doodle cloth until you feel confident. The good news is that a Smyrna cross stitch is fairly simple to remove if you need to remove it.