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Our second issue of 2014 of Just CrossStitch featuring the new logo, larger format and more pages is out, and I hope stitchers are just as excited as we are! Quick-to-stitch projects, breathtaking beauties, fun gifts and elegant home decor items all grace our pages in each issue. Read on for a look at this issue, which went on sale yesterday.

In our quest to cover all the different kinds of needlework stitches, this newsletter will cover a duo of stitches that will add texture to your needlework by creating a small opening in the center of the stitch. What is the difference between an Algerian eye stitch and an eyelet stitch? How is the best way to make them? Where can they be used? Grab a scrap piece of your favorite fabric, a skein or two of floss and a couple of needles, and let's get started.