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The Last Stitch

My family celebrates Christmas happily with Christmas carols, hymns and the Christmas story from Luke, and we follow that with a Southern feast of shrimp creole over cheese grits, dressing, sweet potatoes and more desserts that we can count. It's a time to simply enjoy each other's company and focus on the joy that comes from family and friends. No matter what your holiday plans entail, I wish you nothing but peace and joy this Christmas and the comfort of Christmas' true message -- that of a tiny babe born into a world that He would graciously save with His own life, thus giving us all a true hope for peace, joy and eternity.

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Happy stitching!

Christy Schmitz
Editor, Just CrossStitch

Originally from Mobile, Ala., Just CrossStitch editor Christy Schmitz holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Mobile and a master's degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Christy began stitching at the age of 5 when she was handed a piece of Aida cloth, a few colors of floss and the instruction to pretend she was coloring; with that, she was off with a needle in hand. Christy has been with Just CrossStitch since 2005 and now makes her home in northern Indiana where she spends her evenings stitching, cooking, renovating thrift store finds and taking her two beagle mixes for walks in the quiet, rural area.

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