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Feedback Follow-Up

In the last newsletter we discussed stitching holiday gifts, and there were some great suggestions shared. Here are a few from your fellow stitchers:

"I love to stitch package 'tie-ons,' small tags to tie on gifts. I stitch a design to match the holiday, or stitch a cheery greeting. I also stitch bookmarks, baby bibs and towels. As for stitching for family and friends, I set aside one week a month and the entire months of November and December to stitch items for my personal gift list. You would be surprised how much you can accomplish!" -- Margo A.

"Every year, I make approximately 15-20 ornaments for friends and family. Also, our local EGA chapter has an ornament exchange at our holiday luncheon. I start around July looking at old issues of Just CrossStitch and the Ornaments issues. Plus I have a folder full of other ornament patterns and kits I have acquired in the past. I usually choose ones I have not made before. After I have the patterns out, I find fabric for each in my stash, kit up with thread maybe five of them, and little by little over the next few months, I stitch them. I do have a list and am checking it twice to make sure I have one for everyone. Then comes the hard part -- finishing the stitched ornaments. I pull out holiday fabric, ribbons, interfacing, fleece, beads and anything else I want to use and spend at least one weekend just finishing up the hand sewing needed (the seam left open, the cording to stitch on, etc.). I take them with me to various stitch groups and stitch away till they are done. Then I check again who gets what and put the ornaments in tissue paper and gift bags with the recipients' names on sticky notes! Then I put everything away again. I usually try to finish by our November EGA meeting for show and tell." -- Jineen K.

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