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As this email appears in your inbox, I hope that you and your family and friends are celebrating a wonderful holiday season! This magical time of year is one that my family has cherished for years. My granny used to decorate everything for Christmas, and I think I inherited her love of going overboard for the holidays.

I would love to someday have multiple Christmas trees, but for now, I'm happy with my one tree that is covered with ornaments that tell the story of my life and my family's life! On its gloriously pre-lit boughs hang stitched ornaments, glitter handprints from when I was 3 years old, ornaments my mom crocheted, ornaments my mom sewed the Christmas before I was born -- including a fabric mouse that I deemed mine my first Christmas and used as teether and woobie -- ornaments from family holidays, business trips and friends, and antiques from my granny and grandmother. Each one holds so many memories, and I would gladly leave them up year-round if I could.

If your home doesn't boast a Christmas tree, why not decorate a mantel, a door or a wreath? Or if you don't decorate at all, why not carve out some time this holiday just to cherish happy holiday memories? Even better, designate this year as one to give of your time and and talents to create new memories. The holiday season is the perfect time to share your favorite craft with others. But don't stop there; make a New Year's resolution to find ways to share your craft in 2014. Read on to find out more.