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Feedback Follow-Up

In the last newsletter we discussed storing your stash, and you guys responded with great ideas. A lot of you swear by plastic bags, which is great. Like I mentioned -- use what works for you. Read on for tips from your fellow stitchers:

"I store all my floss, thread, beads, etc., in 2 x 3-inch bags and file them by number in plastic drawers. It works perfectly. I can do a project by just pulling the bags and putting them in a basket next to my chair where I stitch. I keep my books, charts, etc., in a file cabinet filed by category. If a magazine has several projects that I might do, I flag them with a Post-it note. My extra material I keep in a large tote, marked with size and count. I could send anyone to the room that I keep my stuff in, and they could find what I want without my help. Works great." -- Bobbie B.

"I have every color of DMC cotton floss except any newest colors. They are all in little floss bags individually labeled by number and groups (all the 900s for example). All of the bags are on large metal rings. My Weeks and Gentle Arts flosses are hung by their cardboard tags on large metal rings in alphabetical order in a decorator box. In the last few years, whenever I bought a pattern, I also bought the fabric and any specialty floss or beads for the pattern. This self-made kit goes into its own tote bag. I must have about a hundred tote bags, all with a project in them." -- Deborah D.

"I keep an inventory of all my fibers on my iPhone. When shopping, I can easily check to see if I already have a fiber and thus avoid buying multiples of the same one. I have the following headings: Brand - Item Number - Color - How Many. I also keep an inventory of all my kits and charts to avoid buying duplicates." -- Judy W.

"35mm film comes in plastic containers with snap-on lids. These are perfect for storing my stitching needles. Also, I purchased from a craft store a quilted 'project bag' with lots of outside pockets. My stitching supplies and projects fit perfectly in this so I can grab and go." -- Monica M.

"A few years ago, I realized that storing my hundreds of skeins of DMC and specialty threads in wine boxes just didn't work. I could not keep track of the colors I owned, and they were difficult to find. I purchased inexpensive, very large binders from Staples and ziplock bags with labels from my local dollar store. While it took some time, I sorted each of the colors into separate ziplock bags, each bearing a label identifying the color, and then I placed them in numerical order in the binders after punching holes in the plastic bag. Then I checked off the number on the free list provided by DMC and in parentheses placed the number of skeins I own. The same was done for over-dyed threads and specialty threads. This system has proven to be both a time and money saver." -- Linda F.

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