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You Gotta Give It Away

Let's face it -- we all have items in our stash that we'll never use. Maybe we bought it when our tastes were different; maybe we bought multiple skeins for a project and didn't need it all; maybe we found a great sale and couldn't help ourselves. I know I'm guilty of it; my plans are always much grander than my stitching time allows. And I'm sure I'm not alone ... at least I don't think I am. But what do we do with these extras? Here are a few ideas that I've tried and some ideas from stitcher friends of mine.

  1. Donate it. So many groups are typically undeniably grateful for donations, and stitching supplies are no different. Ask around your area, and I'm sure you'll find a number of schools, after-school groups, senior centers, etc., that would be happy to take your excess stash off your hands.
  2. Donate it and your time. Instead of just donating the excess items in your stash, why not donate your time and expertise as well. When you call local boys and girls clubs, or senior citizen centers, why not offer to teach a class to those who are interested. Stitching is a craft that people of any age can do, and you might be the spark that starts a new hobby. It's a perfect opportunity to share your passion for stitching and to make new friends.
  3. Organize a swap meet with other stitchers. Since we've established that we all tend to collect more than we'll ever use or need in stitching supplies, our fellow stitchers are no exception. Contact several stitching friends and set up a time for everyone to bring their extras. Share and swap with each other and then donate the remainder to a local charity or organization that can use the supplies. It's a great chance to visit with other stitchers and share ideas.
  4. Have a yard sale. This favorite American pastime is really self-explanatory, but it still deserves a mention. Why not put your extras in your next yard, garage or rummage sale? I've done this a few times, and I've not had much luck with it. But I've heard great stories from other stitchers who have scored big time at sales with entire sets of magazines, bags of linen, etc., so it's definitely an option.