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Organizing 201

In the last two newsletters, we looked at different options for storing stitched projects and the multitude of supplies that we all accumulate as we stitch. We covered fabrics, threads, accessories and more, but we also need to address the standard organizing method of three bins: keep, trash and donate.

For the items that we spent so much time organizing, those are most likely keep items; however, if you are anything like me, there is always a batch of items that don't quite fit my taste anymore. Let's take a look at how to handle these items.

  1. Before you start organizing your stash, go ahead and designate three piles or storage places: Keep, Trash and Donate.
  2. Any item that you know you want to keep in your stash, add to the Keep pile and organize according to your personal preference or using some of the tips in the previous newsletters or those submitted by fellow readers.
  3. If there is a project that you know you'll never ever stitch, go ahead and put it in the Donate pile. That color of floss you bought because it matched your living room wall color from two paint jobs ago -- yeah, it's probably safe to donate as well. Have a dozen fat quarters of the same linen and really only need or want 2 or 3 fat quarters? Donate the remainder. Hate stitching with beads but have somehow amassed a package of every color in the rainbow? Donate. We'll talk about what to do with these later.
  4. Don't be afraid to put items in the Trash pile. If you're hanging on to one or two strands of floss wrapped around the floss color nametag, it's probably safe to put those in the Trash pile. If you have tiny strips of fabric that aren't large enough to use for the smallest project, go ahead and trash those too. We'll cover going through the Trash pile in the next section, so keep reading.