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Extra Tips

As you stitch each project, keep these few extra tips in mind as you finish your hard work.

  1. Take photos of your projects as you stitch. It's always fun to see just how much you've stitched and how far a project has come as you look back at photos.
  2. Always, always, always take photos of your finished projects and keep an album -- either digitally or in a photo album -- of all of your finished works. I always take a photo of my project when I finish stitching and then after it has been framed or finished.
  3. Be sure to date your projects. I like to carefully add my initials and the finishing date somewhere in the project, usually at the bottom left or right. If you're a purist and don't want to alter the design at all, you can add your initials and date to the excess linen around the edges if you plan to frame the project. Just be sure to tell your framer not to cut that off when he or she frames it. You and your friends and family will love seeing your initials and watching your style and skill level change through the years.