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Storage Solutions

What to do with your stitched project stash? We'll talk about unstitched stash storage another time, so let's just focus on finished projects. Here are a few tips for storing your stitched designs:

  1. If a project is displayed as a runner, tablecloth, place mat or just as a project that is laid flat on a table to display, you have a couple of options.
    1. Keep your projects rolled gently around a tube and layered between pieces of acid-free tissue paper.
    2. Store projects flat in an acid-free storage box. Remember to layer acid-free tissue paper between the projects.
    3. Never, ever, ever store your stitched projects in a hoop or Q-snap! Trust me, it's not a good thing.
  2. If your project is framed, be sure to wrap your frame in acid-free tissue paper and then a layer of bubble wrap to protect it. Store it in airtight storage.
  3. If your project is finished as an "item," such as an ornament, biscornu, towel, etc., store it as appropriate for the type of finished project. I recommend always wrapping your project in acid-free tissue paper.

Note: Acid-free tissue paper and boxes are available through a variety of online shops and some specialty stores, including dry cleaners and wedding shops.