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Playing With Display

We love to stitch. That statement is really unnecessary, because if you're reading this newsletter and subscribing to Just CrossStitch, you must love to stitch. We all have our stash, complete with a number of charts that only other stitchers would understand. But what do we do with our completed treasures? Here are a few suggestions that were given to me by other stitchers.

  1. Create a gallery wall in your home.
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    Four Seasons Farm: Winter Evening, JCS February 2013
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    Four Seasons Farm: Spring Planting, JCS April 2013
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    Four Seasons Farm: Summer Grazing, JCS August 2013
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    Four Seasons Farm: Fall Harvest, JCS October 2013
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    Peacock Feather Eyeglass Case, JCS June 2013
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    Art Nouveau Daffodils, JCS April 2013
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    Spider Wreath, 2013 Halloween Collection
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    Jingle Bells, 2013 Ornament Issue
    1. It doesn't have to be big, but clustering your stitched projects on one wall can create an amazing focal display. Place your large framed pieces first and then fill in with smaller framed designs.
    2. A few suggestions for walls to use include the wall behind your sofa, a wall in an office or den, or even the stairway wall.
  3. Rotate your finishes.
    1. Just because you have it stitched doesn't mean it has to be displayed all the time.
    2. Once a season or twice a year, change out the projects that are on display in your home. You'll relive the fond memories of each piece, and visitors will be amazed at your constantly changing handiwork.
    3. Try stitching a project series. You'll have the satisfaction of stitching multiple projects, and if you finish them all in the same method, they are easily changed out with each other. Just select a special spot in your home for the showcase and change them out whenever you feel the need for something fresh and new. JCS offers series throughout the year, so check out our many options, including the ones shown at right.
  4. Diversify your finishing options.
    1. See the previous two newsletters for a complete discussion on finishing options, including framing, sewing and unique suggestions.
    2. If you don't have a lot of wall space in your home, opt for finishing projects as pillows, tablecloths, smalls, hangings for cabinets and doors, etc. Let your imagination run wild. It's your home; make it yours!
  5. Give the gift of stitching.
    1. One of my favorite gifts to give is something handmade -- baked, cooked, sewn, stitched, painted -- it's all amazing and so appreciated.
    2. Small projects make quick gifts for family, friends, co-workers, teachers and almost everyone on your list. Check out JCS for quick-to-stitch projects for every season and every occasion; a few examples are pictured at right.
    3. If you gift a framed piece, consider including a note to the recipient about the occasion, your friendship, etc., taped to the back of the frame.
  6. Focus on the seasons.
    1. I love to decorate for holidays and the seasons, and I know plenty of other stitchers feel the same way. Why not combine those passions and stitch your decorations?
    2. Decorate for Halloween with a stunning front-door wreath with the Spider Wreath in the 2013 Halloween Collection, which can be ordered here.
    3. Trim your tree with stitched ornaments. See the 2013 JCS Ornament Issue for 76 hand-stitched beauties, including the adorable ones pictured at right. Order your copy here.

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