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It's here! Autumn is finally here! The days are shorter, the air is crisper and my front porch is decorated with mums and pumpkins. My kitchen boasts a bowl of apples at all times, and I am happy with this cool season. Because the nights are cooler, I am eager to sit in a comfy chair and stitch while watching the fall television lineups.

What am I stitching, you ask? It's a mix of a couple of large projects that I work on a little bit at a time, ornaments for gifts, and a few fall and Halloween designs for decorations and gifts for friends. But as I stitch, I wonder where on earth I will put the finished projects. I live in a charming 1902 home and my walls are solid brick, so hanging projects is a bit of a challenge. I am always looking for creative ways to display my handiwork.

I figured if I was thinking about this as a challenge, some of you were too, so that's the topic of this newsletter. We'll look at display options and tips for organizing the "stash" -- both unstitched, semi-stitched and completed. I love organization, so I'm a happy camper in this world. Let's get started!