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Sew-less Ideas

There are many sew-less ideas for finishing for those stitchers who prefer not to sew or for those projects that just demand something else. Here are a few ideas and suggestions for finishing. And again, remember to follow the previous tips about thread tails, laundering and pressing. You'll be grateful you did.

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Holiday Joy, Just CrossStitch December 2013
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Chelsea, Just CrossStitch June 2010
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Scents of Christmas, Just CrossStitch December 2012
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Pumpkin Towels, Just CrossStitch Halloween 2013
  1. Frame without a frame: There's no rule that says you have to use a frame to mount a piece. Why not try pinning the design to a piece of foam core for a modern twist to framing. Use decorative glass-head pins, tacks, trims, etc., along the edge. For a look at the fun that can be had in decorating the edges, see the Holiday Joy design in the upcoming December 2013 issue of JCS.
  2. Prefinished framelike items: In today's stitching market, there are so many options for prefinished items in which to mount a stitched piece. From coasters to wooden boxes and trays, there are options for nearly every style and decor. For instance, the Chelsea design, pictured at right, features a wooden box, while the Scents of Christmas, also pictured at right, features a wooden candle screen for finishing. Both finishing options are available from Sudberry House.
  3. Prefinished textile items: We covered some prefinished items in an earlier newsletter, but they deserve another mention just because they are so helpful to have for stitchers! Everything from towels and pot holders to pre-edge banding and perforated cards -- these make finishing a project a breeze. For towel and bookmark patterns, check out these two books on the Annie's catalog website. Just be sure to center the design and count carefully. And why not make these your own by adding a bit of freehand embroidery along the towel edge, or affixing the perforated card to a larger piece of cardstock for a hand-made card?

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