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Finishing It Off

Just a quick reminder on what happens when you finish your stitched design. Following these quick and easy suggestions will help ensure that your finishing is a pleasant and fruitful experience.

  1. Double-check your work and make sure all stitching is complete.
  2. Check threads on the back of the project and trim or weave under loose ends. This becomes incredibly important when sewing a project since loose threads can wind up in your sewing machine and can cause a lot of stress...and heartbreak.
  3. Check for any dirt or stains. If you need to launder the stitched piece, refer to the laundering steps in the Aug. 21 newsletter.
  4. Check for frayed fabric threads along edges; trim carefully, staying with the grain of the fabric. Frayed fabric threads can be another joy-killer in finishing.
  5. See the previous newsletter for ironing guidelines; this is another very important step in finishing. No amount of tugging when you're sewing will fix a wrinkle, and a quick simple press of a hot iron works wonders. And I suggest leaving that iron out and ready to be turned back on while you're sewing a project. It saves time rather than having to get it back out every single time you wrinkle your project.