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Sew Many Options

Last time, we covered the variety of framing options, and this time, we'll cover those finishing options that do not involve a frame. Even though the framing options we mentioned were extensive, the non-framing options are absolutely endless! And remember, Just CrossStitch offers detailed finishing instructions for all non-framed projects! Let's get started and take a look at a few.

  1. Here are a few options and suggestions for machine sewing:
  2. Click here for larger image.
    Summer Farmer's Market Pillow, Just CrossStitch June 2011
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    Italian Bird Tile, Just CrossStitch December 2009
    Click here for larger image.
    Santa Boot, Just CrossStitch December 2010
    Click here for larger image.
    Elizabeth's Garden, Just CrossStitch June 2013
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    Ornaments, Just CrossStitch 2013 Ornament Issue
    1. Pillows: Since we offer detailed instructions in the magazines for pillows, you can also easily adapt patterns if you are looking for a specific style or look. The pillow pictured at right, which appeared in the June 2011 issue of JCS, perfectly showcases the stitches and incredible detail of the design.
    2. Hangings: These types of finishes can really make an elegant design stand out from the crowd. And with the right instructions, they are a breeze to make. The hanging at right, Italian Bird Tile, was featured in the December 2009 issue of JCS and is an elegant alternative to framing.
    3. Bags: What better way to showcase your favorite hobby and your finished pieces than by making them into a tote bag? With the fabric options available, there are countless ways to finish any design to make it a part of your daily wardrobe. For a wintery finish, try using wool felt for the bag, as pictured in the Santa Boot (at right) in the December 2010 issue.
  3. Sometimes, finishing just takes a special touch, and for those, hand sewing is a must. Here are a few suggestions for projects to perfect your hand sewing:
    1. Smalls: Stitchers can never have too many smalls, and by smalls, I mean needle books, fobs, scissors cases, etc. They are quick to stitch, quick to finish and always useful. The project at right, Elizabeth's Garden, appeared in the June 2013 issue and includes a scissors fob, strawberry and needle book.
    2. Ornaments: You can definitely finish these on a sewing machine, but I prefer to hand-finish my ornaments. They're so small and work up so fast, and I feel I can get a cleaner look sewing them by hand. I would suggest you work whichever way is comfortable for you. You can find 76 brand-new ornaments to practice your finishing techniques in the JCS 2013 Ornament Issue, which will be available in September. A few of this year's offerings are pictured on the cover at right.
    3. Odds and ends: This category is far-reaching and all-encompassing. Use your imagination for pincushions, apparel, jewelry, toys, etc.

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