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With the promise of the coming of autumn and cooler days, I admit that my sewing machine has started calling me again. I know that the holidays are even closer, which means gift-making time needs to begin soon. And what better gift than something that was handmade with love and sincerity? For me, stitched gifts are wonderful for so many occasions, and it's always fun to finish them into useful items or something different and unique.

Your responses to the framing newsletter have been great, and I love hearing all of your suggestions for finishing tips and techniques. Be watching for a future newsletter where these tips and techniques will be compiled for you. So, please keep sending your feedback -- tips, suggestions, tricks, ideas, etc. Stitching is a sharing craft, and I think it's always awe-inspiring how much we learn from each other.

As promised, this newsletter will take a look at the non-framing side of finishing a stitched design. So, grab a needle and thread, and a maybe a cup of coffee or tea, and let's get started.