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Feedback Follow-Up

A few weeks ago, we discussed stitching on the go. Here are a few quick travel-stitching tips suggested by fellow newsletter readers:

"One thing I have noticed over the years is that I am more likely to make mistakes while traveling, especially when starting a new project on the road. So, when I go on vacation, I start a project before I leave so that I have the basic outline or largest amount of counting out of the way. I also try to work on projects that have large areas of one color. I will outline the large area so that stitching is mostly back and forth." -- Laura B.

"I find it more convenient to keep scissors on a cord on my neck. No fumbling to find them. Needles and floss can also be hidden and secured there. Hotels normally use lower-wattage bulbs, but the bathroom has the best lighting! I have been known to travel with or to buy locally a higher-wattage bulb. Sometimes I take a project that needs the 'boring' nonthinking work done, the one that needs no counting." -- Dorothy H.

"I travel extensively for my job. A word of warning when flying internationally, do not take a good pair of scissors because different countries have different restrictions on what can be taken on board. In my carry-on I always travel with a Clover cutter and a cheap pair of scissors that I don't care if I lose. My good scissors go in my checked luggage. Also, spread your needles around in your carry-on and pack some extras in your checked luggage." -- Judy P.

"I cut a flat refrigerator magnet into a piece that will fit on the inside top of a bobbin box or whatever box I am using. A piece of packing tape on two edges hold it securely, and the needles stick to it nicely. No needle case to be lost."-- Dolores L.

"Whenever we travel, I use the time to get a head start on Christmas ornaments. They are usually small and easy to finish. I just make sure that I have cut the material I need ahead of time and pack floss, scissors and needles. Although, if I forget something, going to needlework and craft shops in our vacation area is just another bonus to me!" -- Connie R.

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