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Knot Me

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French Knot Sheep, Just CrossStitch, September/October 1994
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Funky Flowers, Just CrossStitch March/April 2013
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Red Penguin, Just CrossStitch July/August 2013

One of the first stitches that we all have to master after our basic X and backstitch is the French knot. I was fortunate enough to be taught by amazing needlework teachers to make my knots, but I still become slightly terrified when I have to make them. Sometimes, they come just right -- picture-perfect, model knots; and sometimes, they come out wonky, inconsistent and with a tendency to disappear. When they're perfect, it's incredibly rewarding and joyful. So, let's dive into the French knot world and perfect it together.

To the right are a few projects that include French knots for that added texture and dimension.