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Sunflower Bouquet

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Summertime signals the impending bloom of sunflowers. I always look forward to rural drives through the countryside and seeing fields of towering, vibrant sunflowers. This project will bring those vivid blooms in your home year-round. Stitch the project as shown or stitch just the sunflower for a simple, stunning wonder. And who knows, maybe the sunflower will remind you of a special summer vacation.

Designed by Tom & Felicia Williams


  • One 8" x 8" piece and one 11" x 15" piece of bridal white 30-count Melinda or other 30-count evenweave fabric
  • Porcelain box with 1 1/2"-round design area
  • Pattern Chart


  1. For Dresser Scarf, center and stitch design onto 11" x 15" piece, stitching over two threads and using two strands floss for Cross-Stitch and one strand floss for Backstitch.
  2. Trim design leaving 1 3/4" around stitched design. Staystitch 1/2" from design; fray edges.
  3. For Box, center and stitch "Sunflower" motif design from graph onto 8" x 8" piece of Melinda, stitching over one thread and using one strand floss for Cross-Stitch and Backstitch. Position and secure design in porcelain box following manufacturer’s instructions.
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