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Stitchy Souvenirs

I remember, during my family's cross-country road trip when I was 8 years old, finding cross-stitch designs of landmarks, parks, etc. Sadly, those aren't as prevalent anymore, but I think stitching souvenirs are still readily available. Sometimes, we just have to think out of the box (or hoop!). For instance, while in Wales several years ago, I was fascinated and amazed with the country's national flower -- the daffodil.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find a cross-stitch pattern of the Garw Valley where I stayed; however, I found a lovely daffodil bookmark pattern. Every time I saw that bookmark (and adapted ornament from the same pattern), I was flooded by memories of that peaceful valley, the lovely people and the lifelong friends I made that summer.

So, get creative when looking for a stitch souvenir from your journeys. Maybe you will be lucky enough to find a pattern of a specific beauty from your location, or maybe you'll find a pattern of a flower, a geometric pattern or a saying that will bring back memories of your trip.

Also, make plans to visit the local stitch shop where you travel. It's a great way to meet new stitchers and friends, and to find out where the locals eat, play and shop! Plus, you are supporting the industry behind your favorite craft. Try a simple Google search before setting off on your trip and search for "cross stitch shop" or "needlework shop" at your destination.