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Organize It!

Like so many things in life, travel stitching is much more enjoyable with a little bit of planning before the trip.

After selecting your preferred projects:

  1. Separate them and bag each project, including fabric and flosses.
  2. Click here for larger image.
    Click here for larger image.
  3. Keep flosses organized in project bags using your preferred method. Three of my favorites are:
  4. Pack your bag. Tote bag options are endless. There are several companies who manufacture totes with pockets and features specialized for stitchers. I've had my eye on several of these, and I can't wait to purchase one soon. In the meantime, I use a tote designed for a laptop, but in it, I can fit my Q-Snap, chart and project perfectly; plus, it's narrow, which means that it will fit in the floorboard easily for traveling.
  5. Don't forget your scissors! When traveling via automobile, there are no restrictions as to what pair or pairs of scissors you bring. However, when traveling via airplane, the rules are a bit more complex. Currently, the TSA guidelines, which can be found here, allow scissors with blades no longer than 4 inches, which means that most embroidery scissors are a go. A great, affordable pair of scissors is the Elan Embroidery Scissors, which feature large finger holes and are made of durable stainless steel. They are available through Annie's here.