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Stitchy Tips

  1. Make sure you have enough floss in your needle to work the entire section of Algerian eye or eyelet stitches. If it's a long band, be sure to reload your needle only in between stitches; do not rethread while in the middle of the stitch.

  2. Always pull your thread gently and firmly -- never snatch or pull too hard.

  3. When you pull your thread, only pull after you've passed the needle back through the center of the stitch. Try not to pull the thread as you are working from the outside in; only pull from inside out. If you pull at the wrong time, your holes will be on the outside and not the inside of your stitch.

  4. Be sure to pull each leg evenly; if you pull one side more firmly than the other, the center hole will be wonky. If you notice halfway through your stitch that your center hole doesn't appear to be as lacy as you'd like, do not, I repeat, do not try to "make up" for it on the last half of the stitch. Stop and undo that stitch and start over. Trust me -- you'll be happier pulling out half an Algerian eye or eyelet stitch and reworking it than you will be if you continue and then have to pull out an entire section to fix that one problem child.

  5. If you want a lacier Algerian eye or eyelet stitch, simply pull the legs a bit more to create a larger hole in center. Be sure to always pull gently -- never snatch or yank the thread. It will not end well; there may be tears. Again, I may or may not be speaking from personal experience (but actually, I am).

  6. Again, with the tension tips I seem to always preach -- try to maintain your same tension with every Algerian eye or eyelet stitch you work in the project.

  7. Tension is easy to master... with practice. Never attempt your first crack at these stitches without practicing on a doodle cloth until you feel confident in the stitch. I doubt it will take you long at all to master these, and you'll be adding these stitches to projects in no time!
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