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Switching Colors

Until Amanda Noto submitted her sea horse design to Just CrossStitch, the only thing entangled in my office was floss. Now we have Love Entangled, and it is one of my favorite designs.

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These sea horses are tangled up literally and figuratively.

The tails in Amanda's design are entwined in a literal sense. According to a story on the National Geographic website: "That tail, says George Burgess of the Florida Museum of Natural History, is prehensile, anchoring them to things like blades of sea grass with a grip Burgess compares to a baby grasping an adult's finger."

In a figurative sense, the cross-stitch sea horses are entangled in a relationship. In the same story, biologist Amanda Vincent is quoted as saying, "The male and female seahorse come together repeatedly every morning to dance together, reinforcing their pair bond."

These beautiful little fish change color during their dance, and they also change color to protect themselves from predators. "Seahorses can change color very quickly and match any surroundings in which it finds itself," according to The Seahorse Trust website.

Knowing this, feel free to change the color of your stitched sea horses to match your own surroundings. If you want your sea horses to match your couch, why not try it?

If you've never changed the colors in a cross-stitch design, this project would be a fun one to experiment with. If you don't know where to start, I recommend shopping for floss in a brick-and-mortar shop rather than online. Even if you have a perfect computer display, you can't be sure that the pictures online were photographed precisely.

If you are lucky to have a local needlework shop in your area, go there for advice. In the Reader Feedback section of this update, Deborah laments the closure of needlework shops near her home.

If you are in an area like Deborah's without small shops, you can probably find a floss display in a big-box craft store. Most stores carry hundreds of floss colors. You can pull out different skeins and see how they blend together.

You will also want to make sure the floss complements the fabric you select. I don't have a good color memory, so I always take my linen with me when I shop for floss. (If I were trying to match my couch, I would be in trouble! In this case, taking a picture wouldn't be a bad idea.)

Have fun and enjoy stitching your sea horses, whichever colors you select.

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